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Making custom made chains by the inch is our business! Gone are the days where you have to choose from set sizes of gold or rhodium necklaces and gold or rhodium bracelets. All of our Rhodium and 14KT gold custom made chains by the inch come with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee! Get your jewelry the way you want it and let us make your style and your size of chain by the inch jewelry. Our selection of copper, stainless steel and titanium Magnetic Jewelry will help you feel better, rest better and live a less physically painful life. Add some Gold and Rhodium charms to the mix with some Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner and your one stop shopping for jewelry is done!

Magnetic Jewelry Charms Chains By The Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Jewelry Titanium Magnetic Bracelets Copper Magnetic Jewelry Gold Charms Rhodium Charms Gold Chains by the Inch Rhodium Chains by the Inch